[2] [JDEV] Yahoo forcing users to upgrade their client ...

Tiago Almeida tiago.almeida at co.clix.pt
Thu Sep 11 06:38:45 CDT 2003

ok my mistake, sorry.


On Thu, 2003-09-11 at 12:23, milk wrote:
> > Yahoo seems to force users to upgrade their client. A message is send to
> > users using the old protocol, that they have to upgrade prior to
> > 2003-09-24. Seems we have to upgrade the yahoo-transport.
> is there a change in potocol between the clients like with msn, or is it just for security bugfixes, etc?
> >Hi again,
> >This message in only sent to users,  using yahoo messenger and not the
> >ones using a yahoo transport, i think.
> i got the message twice when i logged on just now through my jabber client
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