[JDEV] Auto roster population/lock some groups

Alon Weinstein alon at sreu.com
Thu Sep 11 11:07:58 CDT 2003

Hello Michael.

I can't answer your question, as I am not fluent in XMPP-ish myself, 
however there is one point you should note -- though technically you 
could get away with putting logic only in the clients to block changes 
(using XMPP's standard way to enhance the protocol; you can find info 
about it in lots of places), you shouldn't -- the server must handle 
this logic. Why? because if the server will only be a data-store for 
this kind of data people could login using some other XMPP client and 
avoid the restrictions, and that is probably a security problem, or at 
least a wrong implementation of specifications.


Moore, Michael wrote:

> Then the client needs to block modification of those groups marked as
> auto-generated. I'm new to this whole project, I took over for someone a few
> weeks back and I'm still trying to figure it all out.  The documentation
> I've read has confused me more than helped, and Google has not been my
> friend. Has anyone done anything like this (added stuff to the protocol)?
> Obviously the client needs to know how to handle it, but would it require
> changing the server source and rebuilding? Or just xdb_sql? Any pointers in
> the right direction would be appreciated.

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