[JDEV] Auto roster population/lock some groups

Moore, Michael MMoore at osc.uscg.mil
Thu Sep 11 11:17:42 CDT 2003

That's what I've currently implemented: the autogenerated groups are
prefixed with MS- and users cannot modify any group or member of a group
that has that prefix, but I've been told they won't like that and to find
another way.

Michael Moore (mmoore at osc.uscg.mil) (304) 264-2652
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Moore, Michael wrote:

>I'm working on a jabber solution for the US Coast Guard. One feature they
>want is automatic roster population (no problem there). They also want to
>lock down the groups that were automatically populated so the user can't
>mess with them (not too hard) but here's the difficulty: they want to have
>column in the rostergroups table to mark that the group was automatically
>generated. Using jabberd 1.4.2 on Linux with xdb_sql and a mysql database
>but we will be moving to Solaris and Oracle soon though, with the client in
>Java (and I've not used large-scale Java before... whee!). 
>Then the client needs to block modification of those groups marked as
>auto-generated. I'm new to this whole project, I took over for someone a
>weeks back and I'm still trying to figure it all out.  The documentation
>I've read has confused me more than helped, and Google has not been my
>friend. Has anyone done anything like this (added stuff to the protocol)?
>Obviously the client needs to know how to handle it, but would it require
>changing the server source and rebuilding? Or just xdb_sql? Any pointers in
>the right direction would be appreciated.
Just out of curiosity, why don't you block change from within the 
client? shouldn't be too hard if you have the sourcecode.

For example you can block editing of groups starting with * (an 
asterisk) - quite straight forward.



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>Team CGCentral
>United States Coast Guard Operations Systems Center
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