[JDEV] Yahoo forcing users to upgrade their client ...

harmeet at kodemuse.com harmeet at kodemuse.com
Thu Sep 11 19:31:07 CDT 2003

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From: Sean Egan <sean.egan at binghamton.edu>
Sent: Sep 11, 3:50 PM

> In yahoo.c:
> #define YAHOO_PROTO_VER 0x0900
> needs to be changed to:
> #define YAHOO_PROTO_VER 0x000b

If I am not mistaken it should be 
#define YAHOO_PROTO_VER 0x0b00


fyi: some of the packets in real client seem to have 0x0000 as version, but it does not seem to matter if 0x0b00 is sent uniformly.


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