[JDEV] Developing client for Palm / SonyEricsson P800

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Mon Sep 15 04:26:38 CDT 2003

Hi Bart,

Bart van Bragt wrote:

> I'm probably going to write a Jabber client for the SonyEricsson P800:
> http://www.sonyericsson.com/P800/main.htm
> during a 6x40 hour project at the university. I've just bought a Palm 
> Zire 71 for my girlfriend and I'm going to buy a Palm Tungsten T3 when 
> it arrives to I'd really like it if the client that I write for the 
> P800 would also run on the Palms..
> The problem is that I'm kind of in over my head here :D I'm pretty 
> fluent in PHP but I've only got a little bit of experience in C and 
> even less experience in C++ and Java :D So it's going to be a rough ride.
> I've been doing some research on how to approach this project. It's 
> fairly obvious to me that I won't be able to learn Java/C and write a 
> client for a mobile platform from scratch in those weeks, especially 
> since the P800 version will need to have camera support and it has to 
> be able to share those pictures with a remote device through Jabber.
> I'm curious what your thoughs are on this project. What language 
> should I use, what development packages are available, what packages 
> work well? Are there existing clients that I've used (I've found a few 
> but knowing the Jabber community I've probably missed a couple). Other 
> thoughts?
> The requirements for the university seem to be fairly straight 
> forward. It's mostly about sending pictures with some text to a remote 
> device through Jabber with a P800 (which can run Java and it's running 
> Symbian OS itself). They seem to prefer a Java solution but IMO that's 
> partially because they're not really aware of the available options.
> Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated!
> Bart

i'd really stick with the java solution. j2me supports video and audio 
capturing on the nokia 63xx (63 something) already and other platforms 
will be covered very soon (be sure).

make sure you don't use any swing classes and stick to plain awt. 
depending on the contract with your phone provider you will be able to 
load jar/jad files or you won't ;-|. If you can't load them, speak with 
your contract partner, i bet you'll have some hard times with your 

really stick with java - it makes everything much simpler - your project 
are two-three hours if you know how to do it.


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