[JDEV] Developing client for Palm / SonyEricsson P800

Ulrich B. Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Mon Sep 15 04:41:04 CDT 2003

take a look at the j-xmpp project on jabberstudio.org.
it's the core of my pda client - it's *very* straight forward and *very* 


Colin Bell wrote:

> Hi Bart
>> I'm curious what your thoughs are on this project. What language 
>> should I use, what development packages are available, what packages 
>> work well? Are there existing clients that I've used (I've found a 
>> few but knowing the Jabber community I've probably missed a couple). 
>> Other thoughts?
> I would say Java is the way forward. There is a Java api (Symbian uses 
> a trimmed down version of java) development package available for the 
> P800, and plenty of Java Jabber Api's around (I use muse, which is a 
> bit big for a phone client, but can be trimmed down). The combination 
> of these api's should give you everything you need to create your 
> client, including camera and GPRS support.
> Thats 2 cents worth anyway.
> Cheers
> Colin
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