[JDEV] call for cool Jabber apps

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Mon Sep 15 05:51:27 CDT 2003


have you seen LLuna: http://www.lluna.de/ ?
It is not an IM app. It is a virtual presence and co-browsing system
based on the Jabber protocol. You run the client, go to a web page and
meet others there. Press release is here: http://www.lluna.de/news.html

In short: it
- has an architecture that developers will like,
- has bubble chat, and iconic video,
- has animated avatars and avatar plug-ins,
- protects the privacy by design,
- is distributed and uses only jabber servers, 
- has skins and is easy to use for inexperienced users,
- is rather mature now and is about to get more cool features,
- is GPL,
and it is really cool in day to day use.


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Betreff: [JDEV] call for cool Jabber apps

I would like to create a "cool applications" page on the jabber.org 
website. If you know of fun and interesting applications of Jabber/XMPP
technology (especially non-IM apps), please let me know! This will 
provide a showcase for various Jabber-based technologies, making it
easier for people to visualize the possibilities and present talks about
Jabber/XMPP (from LUG presentations to speeches at industry gatherings,
such as DizzyD's talk at OSCON earlier this year).



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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