[JDEV] Developing client for Palm / SonyEricsson P800

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Mon Sep 15 12:01:48 CDT 2003

Hi Ulrich!

Ulrich B. Staudinger schrieb am 2003-09-15 11:26:38:
> i'd really stick with the java solution. j2me supports video and audio 
> capturing on the nokia 63xx (63 something) already and other platforms 
> will be covered very soon (be sure).

I am sure you are thinking of an other mobile phone. Nokia 63xx does not
support video at all, the 6310 does not even support J2ME.

> make sure you don't use any swing classes and stick to plain awt. 
> depending on the contract with your phone provider you will be able to 
> load jar/jad files or you won't ;-|. If you can't load them, speak with 
> your contract partner, i bet you'll have some hard times with your 
> provider.

I have never seen J2ME implementations with AWT support. J2ME has its
own display classes (lcdui). For loading MIDlets over the air you only
need internet access, something that is available by nearly all
providers I know since they support WAP for all customers. If you can't
install MIDlets over the air you won't need a Jabber client on the
phone, but you would still be able to install it with a serial cable, an
IR link or over bluetooth.

Tot kijk

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