[JDEV] Developing client for Palm / SonyEricsson P800

Timothy Carpenter timbeau_hk at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 15 13:27:18 CDT 2003

On 15/9/03 5:30 pm, "Tijl Houtbeckers" <thoutbeckers at splendo.com> wrote:

> Timothy Carpenter <timbeau_hk at yahoo.co.uk> wrote on 15-9-2003 12:54:41:
>> On 15/9/03 10:34 am, "Colin Bell" <colinb at gatewest.co.uk> wrote:
>>> Hi Bart
>>>> I'm curious what your thoughs are on this project. What language
>>>> should I use, what development packages are available, what packages
>>>> work well? Are there existing clients that I've used (I've found a
>>>> few but knowing the Jabber community I've probably missed a couple).
>>>>  Other thoughts?
>>> I would say Java is the way forward. There is a Java api (Symbian
>>> uses a trimmed down version of java) development package available
>>> for the P800, and plenty of Java Jabber Api's around (I use muse,
>>> which is a bit big for a phone client, but can be trimmed down). The
>>> combination of these api's should give you everything you need to
>>> create your client, including camera and GPRS support.
>> Beware of P800! I am developing apps on P800 and the Java support is
>> pitiful at this time. No camera, no SMS, no BIO, no MMS, no Bluetooth.
>> Basically games only, and "game over, man" if you want to do much else.
>> It is, basically, stripped down MIDP 1.0 and some ruins of
>> PersonalJava 
>> loitering around.
> You can do JNI with those "reminants" of PersonalJava though, so if you
> do your best you can do everything in Java what you *can* do in Java,
> and the rest in native C++. For a beginner in Java *and* C(++) JNI can
> be a little bit difficult maybe.. but doing JNI on the UIQ emulator.
> I'd rather try programming it in brainfuck...

Good luck even for someone experienced! PJava is not neatly supported on the
CW IDE or SE tools... P800 is neither fish nor fowl at the moment which is a
shame as the form factor rocks. The whole mobile world appears to have gone
back to where WINTEL s/w was about 10 or so years ago with half-baked
environments, poor or incorrect documentation/examples and flakey
hair-trigger contraptions. It is a shame - coming from DEC VMS PASCAL and
Apple OSX ObjC/Java it makes you cry at how people allow this stuff out the

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