[JDEV] Message Logging

Ryan L. Hart ryanhart at rcn.com
Tue Sep 16 16:24:53 CDT 2003

I've created a xdb component much like xdb_sql, etc. which 
uses Sybase as a backend. I also need to log all message 
traffic to the Sybase database as well. I realize there are 
other components that perform logging, but I would prefer to 
use my xdb component since I already have the Sybase 
connections, threading model, etc. ready to use.

My question is how do I configure jabber.xml to forward all 
message traffic to my xdb component for logging. I'm assuming 
it's similar to the name space forwarding that xdb_sql, etc. 
uses, but I haven't seem an example of this.

Incidentally, I have seen several postings talking about 
logging as a default feature for future versions. I'm 
currently implementing IM functionality for both a trading 
firm that must log everything for SEC compliance and an 
Internet site that wants to log everything for legal reasons. 
I pretty sure just about every corporate user would consider 
this a mandatory feature.

Thanks, Ryan

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