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Bart van Bragt jabber at vanbragt.com
Thu Sep 18 15:38:30 CDT 2003

Ok, it took some time but they are up.. The JabberCentral.org forums :D

You can find them on:


It's the only thing that's there at the moment, mainly because it's just 
me and Justin Mecham (the owner of the jc.o domain) who are running the 
site at the moment. I'm in the process of getting phpBB 2.2 out the door 
and learning Java and trying to create a mobile Jabber client while also 
finishing some courses so I can start graduating :D In the meantime I 
have some other communities to run, I have to earn some money to eat and 
I'm setting up www.jabbernl.org :D Justin also is pretty busy with 
whatnot so in short: We will be able to do work on jabbercentral.org but 
we _really_ do need help!

There is a LOT to do for all different kinds of people. We need your 
average visitor to the forums to help newbies with questions. We need 
creative people that can design a nice layout for the site, a CMS needs 
to be chosen and installed, we need to get actual content in the CMS, 
everything needs to be maintained, scripts need to be written to keep 
lists with links to relevant sites and probably to keep track of 
existing clients (and their features) and public servers, etc, etc.

So take a look at the forums, register and join the fun :D I know not 
everyone likes forums as a means of communication but in my experience 
it's a great way to really get a community together. jdev at c.j.o is too 
volatile and on the jdev at j.o list it's kind of hard to separate the 
different topics and its also not a very useful list for new users. So 
let's get this new community started :D

Thanks in advance for your time and interest :)

Bart van Bragt
Get Jabbered!    :    www.jabber.org     :     JID = jabber at vanbragt.com

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