[JDEV] Discussion of transports?

Jacek Konieczny jajcus at bnet.pl
Mon Sep 22 01:35:29 CDT 2003

On Sun, Sep 21, 2003 at 08:53:40PM +0200, maqi at jabberstudio.org wrote:
> 1. Transports often don't treat the JID case-insensitive leading to the
> problem that the transport does not login when logging in as user at host but
> having registered with USER at host.

Transports with treat JID case-insensitive are simply broken. JID should
be processed using nodeprep profile as described in XMPP drafts or at
least case-fold characters in ASCII range (as it was defined in the
legacy protocol).

> 2. With most legacy networks, the transport should auto-import the legacy
> system's contact list to the Jabber roster. JIT simply sends a presence
> type=subscribed but this is problematic as with unpatched Jabber servers
> the nick can't be pushed to the roster and it is uncertain how for example
> jabberd2 handles this.

Possibility to populate someones roster with <presence type=subscribed>
is a security issue and I hope it is not present in jabberd2.

My GaduGadu transport uses jabber:x:roster message to send contact list
from GaduGadu server. jabber:x:roster includes contact name and in
message body other information may be included. Most clients give simple
interface for user to add contacts sent this way. IMHO this is the right
way (using available protocols) to do this.

> 3. The transport has to create a list of contacts that must be handled.
> But it is not possible to simply request the list from the Jabber server.
> Relying only on an own roster (stored in XDB and updated on s10n events)
> is not recommended as this can lead to inconsistencies (for example if the
> transport is down).

Regular Jabber presence subscription are stored in two rosters (user's
and contact's) and there are no big problems with sync - it has just to
be implemented right. 

GaduGadu transport keeps its own roster updated with presence type
subscribe/unsubscribe and this work well.


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