[JDEV] Jabber+PAM patches

Justin Kirby justin at openaether.org
Mon Sep 22 08:52:41 CDT 2003

The following is from Khamis Siksek:

Dear all, 
I have used James patch, and i faced some problems in it, i made some
fixing, and i would like to share it with you, 
Attached are two files: 
1- jabber_pam.diff: a patch file that contains the all the needed
changes from  
my side and james side 
2- A README file that diescribes how to apply the patch, the importance
using James patch, and how to use this patch for ldap authentication. 
With the use of this patch you will only need two files from James patch
and pam.h 
Thats it

They were too big to be posted to the lists and Khamis did not have web
space available. So they will reside on my server until someone finds a
better home for them.

The patches can be found at:


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