[JDEV] Msn-t MSNP8 problem

Sandeep Parikh sandeep at universia.net
Mon Sep 22 10:03:47 CDT 2003

Thanks for that.  I suspected this might be the case.  Do you think th etimeout
errors I get are somehow related to this?  Maybe some SSL configuration is



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Hi Sandeep!

Sandeep Parikh schrieb am 2003-09-19 13:48:28:
> First, its very slow getting connected to MSN. Intermittently it fails
> to connect entirely.

Login in MSNP8 is slower because it has to establish https connections
to the Passport servers. This takes more time than to just hash your
password and send it inband to the MSN servers.

Tot kijk

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