[2] [JDEV] jabber

milk miruku at bonbon.net
Tue Sep 23 03:55:40 CDT 2003

"Jason Frankel" <jason.frankel at winfessor.com> wrote on 23/09/2003 01:16:07:
>This might be a bit too general but I'd like to see additional audio and
>video related capabilities. I know there's a lot there that makes it
>possible but I don't see much in the way of concrete implementations in this
>> out of interest, i was just wondering what everyone thinks about what the
>most important current/upcoming jabber features are, what features do you
>personally think
>> need to be developed/expanded, and what tasks/applications would you like
>to see jabber doing/working with in say, one or two years time?

nothings to general really. i'm just looking for what everyone personally would like jeps/implementations of jabber to do in the future. go on everyone; use your 
imaginations here; what do you daydream jabbe could do, even if its probably unlikly to ever happen?

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