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milk miruku at bonbon.net
Tue Sep 23 17:22:25 CDT 2003

milk <miruku at bonbon.net> wrote on 23/09/2003 00:26:42:

my thoughts on jabber;

> out of interest, i was just wondering what everyone thinks about what the most important current/upcoming jabber features are

current features: jabber as a whole; its amazing how much potential exists
upcoming features: definitly pubsub. also mu-c, nested rosters and bookmark storage will be handy.

> what features do you personally think need to be developed/expanded

pubsub, when it gets going and up to steam, will be very nifty. personally, i think there needs to be work on areas of jabber related to expansion and convergance, i.e. 
janchor (the rss headlines component) needs to be fixed; jabrss works, but lacks many of the features existing in janchor and possible with using a component rather 
than a bot like feed browsing, seperated feed history, etc. publishing headlines/blogging from jabber is another matter, which tofu and i are working on atm. also; jabber-
mail interaction needs to be worked on; the current smtp transposts available just don't work that well  (outgoing mail needs to be implemented correctly, and incoming 
mail needs  a bit of work).

and it would be nice if multiple resources worked with the aim and msn-t gateways. ;)

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