[JDEV] Discussion of transports?

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Wed Sep 24 10:25:40 CDT 2003

Hi Robert!

Robert Norris schrieb am 2003-09-24 11:52:12:
>  - Suitable access controls are required. Obviously, it won't do to
>    allow anyone to change anyone elses roster. One thought we had is to
>    restrict operations based on the transport JID (domain) - ie, the
>    transport can only set roster items of its own users, and when a
>    roster is retrieved, it only receives items for its own users.
>    This may not be a good idea, however, as not all servers are
>    transports - do I really want a remote (Jabber) server to be able to
>    modify the contacts on my roster for its own users?

I agree that transports should get (restricted) access to the roster
items of a user. This may help make better support for other IM systems
and syncronizing the roster on the foreign IM system server and the
Jabber server.

What I don't like is the "domain-only item" hack you subscribed. I think
there should be an extension maybe something based somehow on an
extended version of jabber:x:roster!? Maybe we could build this in a way
that we get basic support for it with existing clients that already
support this namespace and full support for clients that fully implement
the extensions.
I transport would interact with the client and not with the server to
query the roster. This would allow to make it the clients decission with
something is Opt-In or Opt-Out and if the transports behave like Jabber
users or more like native ICQ-/AIM-/MSN-/Yahoo-users.

Tot kijk

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