[JDEV] Promiscuous presence for user communities (with patch)

Steven Brown swbrown at ucsd.edu
Tue Sep 30 19:56:54 CDT 2003

Jabber often is deployed to support user communities where it would be
to allow users of the same server to see each other's presence before
they have
established a buddy relationship.  It can help users meet other users in
community, and make buddying with their friends simpler.

This patch adds a 'promiscuous' presence type to Jabber to implement
concept.  When a user sends a <presence type="promiscuous"/>, all other
connected users on the same server will be notified of their presence as
as the promiscuous user stays promiscuous and connected ('unavailable'
will be
appropriately sent).  The presence packets from promiscuous users seen
clients will be 'available' with a <promiscuous/> tag (example:
type="available"><promiscuous/>...</presence>), so promiscuous-aware
can take whatever action is appropriate; e.g., displaying these users in


Btw, this has only had a few days of use here so far, so it might have a
few bugs to shake out still.  I'm sure there are a lot of folks in the
same situation that'd find this useful, though, so give it a spin. :)
It's basically an enhanced version of 'available' presence.

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