[JDEV] Fun with class.jabber.php

Thomas Cort tcort at cs.ubishops.ca
Tue Sep 30 21:24:00 CDT 2003

Hi Everyone!

I'm writing to introduce myself and offer up some code I've written in the
past few days. My name's Tom Cort of TomCort.com. If you visit the site you'll
notice it shows my Jabber Status, online or offline. That's done with a
small php script that I wrote called status.php. It's available here:

If it shows me as being online, by website will offer a link that allows
web users to send me a Jabber message. That is done by another couple of
scipts that I wrote. Those scripts can be downloads from the same place:

I also made a command-line client in php. It's available here:
All of the stuff mentioned in this e-mail uses class.jabber.php. It's
really easy to use. I recommend it for anyone who wants to do anything Jabber
related with php.

Sorry if the code sucks. I'm just learning PHP. I'm good at Java, and I'll 
prolly start working on improving some of the Java clients when I have some 
free time.

-Thomas Cort <tcort at cs.ubishops.ca>

BTW, I also admin the public jabber server pan.ubishops.ca

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