[jdev] An idea for a Jabber transport

Trejkaz Xaoza trejkaz at xaoza.net
Tue Aug 3 21:36:39 CDT 2004

Jabber transports.  At least one transport (Yahoo) uses bits of code from GAIM already.
But it uses only fragments of the code.  I started wondering whether it could use the
entire plugin, such that a Yahoo plugin from GAIM could be dropped in and dynamically
linked from the transport.

I was thinking it could be based on JCR, and I could borrow code from the Yahoo transport
(as an example of how to use JCR) and GAIM (as an example of how to load and use their


    - There might be less code in the transport, and less code is easier to maintain.

    - There would only need to be "one" transport, which would work for all protocols
      for which GAIM has libraries.

    - Updates when idiots like Yahoo change the protocol without warning anybody would
      be solved sooner, since GAIM tend to get the fixes to any given protocol before
      the equivalent Jabber transport.

Since the general gist is "less long-term development time", the idea here is that once
the basics are working, it might make it easier to add new features, rather than simply
being forced to play catchup all the time.


    - Possible memory consumption issues.  GAIM can run multiple connections of the same
      protocol, but how much memory does each connection consume?

    - Any other disadvantages?

I would be interested to hear people's ideas on this, or whether someone else has already
had the idea and is already working on it so that I can stop thinking about it.  Because
it's probably consuming more time than it should, and is detracting from playing with my
new toys. ;-)


'Every sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic' - Arthur C Clarke
'Every sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology' - Tom Graves

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