[jdev] An idea for a Jabber transport

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Wed Aug 4 18:46:42 CDT 2004

Trejkaz Xaoza wrote:

>>| Can't GAIM already handle multiple connections of a single protocol type?
>>That is exactly the part I don't know. At the time (two years ago) it
>>couldn't handle multiple connections for one protocol. There were lots
>>of globals, etc. Perhaps now it can. Does anyone have any better insight?
> I just checked with the latest version, and it seems I can add two Jabber accounts
> to the same instance of GAIM.  So it probably can deal with multiple connections now,
> which means it's just an issue of scalability (depends how much space each instance
> takes up, for say, 100 connections to the same service.)

That's great. Now all we would have to do is put a layer between the 
Gaim plugin API and the Jabber server. If we use JCR, all we would need 
to do is "translate" between the two. Interesting idea ... I'll have to 
go back and look at the plugin API.


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