[jdev] IRIS + PSI help needed!!

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Wed Aug 4 19:47:25 CDT 2004

Yes, you need all of these, including Qt.  As I understand, you're using MFC 
and JabberCOM, so linking in Qt may not be practical for your project.  On 
top of this, I don't think mixing JabberCOM with Iris is even possible.

My advice to you is to either write your own File Transfer code for JabberCOM, 
or switch to a more capable library.  Since you often say in the jdev 
groupchat that it is too late for you to switch libraries, I guess you'd 
better start writing some code! ;-)


On Wednesday 04 August 2004 4:19 pm, Salman jamali wrote:
> hi, I m developing a client ... please answer a few question ane1....
> 1) First of all how do i use IRIS, I know its depedencies are QT etc but I
> really dont want to include that huge QT(22.6 MB) that i m downloading
> right now ???
> 2) I need to use only File Transfer Module (classes) of IRIS, b/c i hve
> done most other things using another library(IRIS) , i.e.< PSI open source
> IM client\psi-0.9.2\iris\jabber\FileTransfer.cpp/.h > , Do i still have to
> 3) In the SC for PSI there is a folder named " IRIS ", is this the only
> thing i have to use to USE IRIS ? I dont think so b/c most of the files
> have included "Q.....h" like files ? What do i do then ?
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