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Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Fri Aug 6 05:35:24 CDT 2004


> Heiner Wolf schrieb am 2004-08-04 14:08:02:
> > I would like to add backward compatibility to public XML 
> storage to jabberd2. I would like to ask the jabberd2 
> developers if there is any change that my changes appear in 
> the distribution?
> What exactly are you planning to implement? JEP-0049 (private XML
> storage) or jabberd14's undocumented 'feature' that you can 
> put data on
> the server that the server will use to reply <iq/>s in the same
> namespace?

Basically I mean the 'undocumented feature' that let store any query
namespace, even something like:
  <iq type="set" id="1001">
    <query xmlns="a:b:c">data</query>
I am using the namespace 'storage:client:avatar'

> While JEP-0049 is historical, it might be useful for clients.

I could live with JEP-0049, if the data could be read by other users.
But JEP-0049 says it is private to the user. So this can not be used to
store data other users can get. 

> Implementing the other undocumented think I wouldn't 
> recommend, even in
> jabberd14 I think it should be deprecated and removed later, as it is
> just a big hack and very much based on jabberd14's storage internals.
> You can use pubsub for everything that has been done with this
> undocumented feature.

Yes, everything could be done with pubsub. I love pubsub. But I can not
use it, because it does not exist in the wild. My users use random
servers. What I code into the client must work with jabber 1.4 and
jabberd2. I could even use different methods for jabber 1.4 and
jabberd2, but there is no pubsub available in the typical jabberd2

I have to solve the problem within 2 weeks or so. If there is no way to
store XML on a typical jabberd2 then I have to implement a (dumb and
centralized) external HTTP storage. This is totally against Jabber
principles in several dimensions and I really hate it. But I have to get
some kind of XML storage to work for users on typical jabberd2

I don't know the state of pubsub development. If pubsub would be
included with the jabberd2 distribution and enabled by default, then OK.
I could add 'something' to jabberd2. If that appears in the
distribution, then OK. If you (all) have better ideas, OK. I just have
to solve the problem now, not in 12 months when pubsub is available

(thanks for your response)

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