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Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Aug 6 05:45:46 CDT 2004

Hi Heiner!

Heiner Wolf schrieb am 2004-08-06 12:35:24:
> Yes, everything could be done with pubsub. I love pubsub. But I can not
> use it, because it does not exist in the wild. My users use random
> servers. What I code into the client must work with jabber 1.4 and
> jabberd2. I could even use different methods for jabber 1.4 and
> jabberd2, but there is no pubsub available in the typical jabberd2
> installation. 

I understand that you have to use something that can already be used.
But wouldn't you have to same problem with porting jabberd14's hack to
jabberd2? jabberd2 servers (at least at present) wouldn't support it

There are already pubsub implementations available, but they are not
widly deployed yet. No? I guess it's easier to convince a jabberd2 admin
to install pubsub than a hack.

If you want to implement something for jabberd2, why don't you implement
pubsub for it? I could imagine that this could be included in jabberd2
if it is well written.

For rapid deployment, I'd propose, that your client checks if the server
has a local pubsub server, and if it has your client can use this local
service; else your client can fallback using a central pubsub server
operated by you. (Or I/amessage can host this pubsub server for you too,
if you don't want to operate it yourself.)

Tot kijk

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