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Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Fri Aug 6 06:47:59 CDT 2004

Heiner Wolf schrieb am 2004-08-06 12:35:24:
> > Yes, everything could be done with pubsub. I love pubsub. 
> But I can not
> > use it, because it does not exist in the wild. My users use random
> > servers. What I code into the client must work with jabber 1.4 and
> > jabberd2. I could even use different methods for jabber 1.4 and
> > jabberd2, but there is no pubsub available in the typical jabberd2
> > installation. 
> I understand that you have to use something that can already be used.
> But wouldn't you have to same problem with porting jabberd14's hack to
> jabberd2? jabberd2 servers (at least at present) wouldn't support it
> either.
> There are already pubsub implementations available, but they are not
> widly deployed yet. No? I guess it's easier to convince a 
> jabberd2 admin
> to install pubsub than a hack.

I can not convince jabberd2 admins at all. What I need must be included
and active by default. 

> If you want to implement something for jabberd2, why don't 
> you implement
> pubsub for it? I could imagine that this could be included in jabberd2
> if it is well written.

Coding pubsub is probably more than a week. There seem to be pubsub
implementations underway. I can probably not do better. I don't think
that my pubsub will be the standard pubsub of jabberd2 and always
inlcuded in the jabberd2 distribution. So, me coding pubsub is not the

> For rapid deployment, I'd propose, that your client checks if 
> the server
> has a local pubsub server, and if it has your client can use 
> this local
> service; else your client can fallback using a central pubsub server
> operated by you. (Or I/amessage can host this pubsub server 
> for you too,
> if you don't want to operate it yourself.)

We can talk about that, but...
I work the press, communities and partners and I aim at 100 k users.
Storing anything for all users on one server and hard-code the
pubsub-service into the client config is not very cool. If I use a
single pubsub service, then whats the point using pubsub. I would be
better off with a very simple HTTP service. Thats not the Jabber way,
but a single pubsub for all users is also not the Jabber way. The Jabber
way would be that every server stores the data for its users. But
jabberd2 does not store data for its users. 

( :-) Before you tell me advantages of pubsub: I will not use the 'sub')

The only solution is to have some code in the jabberd2 distribution for
next month. I would be glad if pubsub would be included. If not I could
add something else. Therfore I was asking the jabberd2 maintainer (are
you listening?), if there is any chance that he accept my patches.

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