[jdev] jabberd2

Ralph Meijer jabber.org at ralphm.ik.nu
Fri Aug 6 07:11:28 CDT 2004

> The only solution is to have some code in the jabberd2 distribution for
> next month. I would be glad if pubsub would be included. If not I could
> add something else. Therfore I was asking the jabberd2 maintainer (are
> you listening?), if there is any chance that he accept my patches.

This is very unlikely to happen any time, soon. As Rob, the jabberd2
guy mention in [1], he is not going to do any significant jabberd2 work
until the beginning of 2005, for personal reasons. It remains to be seen
if Ryan (see [2]) can motivate developers to continue Rob's hard work, and
in the mean time, don't expect any releases, with or without private storage
or pubsub support.

So, I say Matthias' proposal is the best Jabber solution I can think of. He
also proposes to set up a pubsub service implementation on his network
of Jabber servers. I think this is a fairly large number of users in Europe.
Also, the jabber.org admins are playing with Idavoll.

Pubsub is still in its infant stages, and we need applications to get it to
mature. Applications like yours. Evaluating existing implementations, and
(stress-)testing them are the best way to get it going. Maybe that is not in
line with your product roadmap, but that can't be helped easily.

[1] http://www.jabber.org/pipermail/jabberd/2004-August/001867.html
[2] http://obelisk.net/blog/index.php?p=6



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