[jdev] New MSN-t in the works

James Bunton james at delx.cjb.net
Tue Aug 10 04:57:51 CDT 2004

Hi. Just thought I'd put the word out that I'm working on a new version of 

I've started rewriting the transport from scratch in Python using Twisted 
(unrelated to the dead twisted-pymsnt on Jabberstudio).
It's still undergoing heavy testing, and lots doesn't work yet (notably 
registration of new users.
When it is released it will be a drop-in replacement for the current MSN-t. So 
you can remove Jabberd1.4 completely (no need for XDB services, unless you 
have another transport that needs them). The new version accesses the 
msn.host.com spool directory directly, and you'll be able to swap between the 
Python & C version (in case something breaks.). 

The main reason I started this was because I want to get rid of Jabberd1.4.3, 
JCR doesn't have the mtq functions needed for MSN-t to work, and I didn't 
want to put yet more work into maintaining that codebase (which had some bugs 
that I hadn't been able to track down), as well as working directly with the 
MSN protocol.
The twisted framework already has classes for working with MSN, as well as 
Oscar (AOL/ICQ), and others. So maybe other people could pick up this code 
and adapt it to that.

Check http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org every now and then for a new 
release. I'll probably put some code up there to download in the next few 
weeks. If you want a copy now, just email me, but it's not ready to be used 



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