[jdev] How to make own instant messenger and chatting site

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Thu Aug 12 04:08:36 CDT 2004

В сообщении от 12 Август 2004 11:17 abhishek jain написал(a):
> Dear Friends,
> I am the owner of a small company in India and does wanted to start up mine
> own instant messenger just like yahoo etc. have.I know i will be not be
> able to provide all the facility as yahoo so i want to start up with a very
> basic one .So if anyone of you can suggest me how to go and complete this
> project tell me. The language iu am comfortable with is PERL .
> Also tell me can i make a chatting site based on jabber. I mean so that
> people can chat on mine site. Please help me.
Can't help with perl but there are a lot of perl libraries for jabber 
Under "chatting on your side" you probably mean usual web-chat. It is also 
possibe though I do not know if it will be easier that writing a standalone 
chat script. In any way, jabber-based web-chat will be very easy to combinate 
with other internet services in the future.

Alexey Nezhdanov

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