[jdev] another concept of ICQ transport

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Tue Aug 17 01:13:38 CDT 2004

Today Oleg V. Motienko from russian jabber-users maillist gived an idea of 
"ICQ server" (it really can be done with any other IM service too). I think it 
can be used to provide more smooth ICQ->jabber migration.
The idea is simple:
jabber server that supports not only in-band or web administration, but allows 
users to log in using their ICQ UIN and password. So - it will be straight 
forward way for migration - just supply your credentials and you will got 
your contact list immidiatedly just if you were logged by some alternative 
The bonus is simplisity - the user will get normal jabber account in one go 
w/o needs to be registered on server and (important) on transport. (S)He can 
benefit all jabber features immidiatedly.
Another bonus is that we can route messages inside such server w/o need to ask 
icq.com to do this for us.
The backside is that we will get a zillions of badly named jids and worstly 
that the user can imagine that jabber is just some another client for ICQ.

Any thoughts?
Alexey Nezhdanov

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