[jdev] Re: Small problem with the Yahoo Transport

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Wed Aug 25 14:59:35 CDT 2004

In article <412C95B1.2020308 at outer-planes.net>,
 "Matthew A. Miller" <linuxwolf at outer-planes.net> wrote:

> Actually, I think this JEP might not be complete enough yet, and will 
> speak with the author(s) about it.
> It talks about raising and canceling, which are (in the text) treated as 
> distinctly different operations.  That rule talks about "raising", not 
> "canceling".  I've clients send the cancel as part of the reply.
> Strictly from the JEP, it's not that clear the reply (containing a 
> body)shouldn't include the <x xmlns='jabber:x:event'><id>...</id></x> to 
> cancel the notification.

Yes, it seems that this was never specified in the JEP, nor did I add it 
when I tried to clean it up about 18 months ago. Further research may be 
required to determine the intent of the protocol authors. :-)


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