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Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Thu Aug 26 14:38:09 CDT 2004

This look very cool.

The skeletal animation sounds exactly like something we need in LLuna (http://www.lluna.de/). We are doing chat with avatars on Web pages. LLuna is a Jabber chat client with a "different" user interface. It creates Jabber rooms on the fly for Web pages. User "stand" with their avatars on the Web page and talk in chat bubbles. Most avatars are static. I am searching a skeletal animation code for some time now. If we are allowed to use your code, then I would love to create a skeletal animation plugin for LLuna. 

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> Hey folks,
> I'm new to the list but am a long-time fan of Jabber. I 
> wanted to drop a
> note about a company that I've started which makes an IM 
> add-on product
> called IMVU. We provide 3D avatars in a companion window to 
> existing IM
> clients. Right now, we work with all of the major 
> closed-source clients, as
> well as a few of the multi-protocol clients like Meca and 
> Jabber Messenger.
> (win32 only right now, but we hope to do OSX and linux too).
> We're big free software advoctaes. Our 3d animation is done 
> by cal3d, a free
> software skeletal animation system. Most of our app is 
> written in python. We
> contribute to numerous open source projects, and have started 
> a few of our
> own. We even donate some of our profits to groups like the FSF.
> But, I'm very sad to report, we don't yet support any 
> open-source IM client.
> I wanted to mention that here because I'd really like to 
> support as many
> Jabber clients as possible. Adding integration is very easy - 
> for Jabber
> Messenger it was < 50 lines of python. If anyone's 
> interested, please feel
> free to drop me a line; I'd be happy to help make it happen.
> And of course, I'd love to your feedback about IMVU if you have a few
> minutes to try it.
> Thanks!
> Eric
> eric at imvu.com
> www.imvu.com
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