[jdev] Re: The State of Our Code-bases

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Sun Aug 29 02:53:09 CDT 2004

On Saturday 28 August 2004 11:01 pm, Rachel Blackman wrote:
> Rather than see us all going over what should be done to produce one
> 'reference implementation,' (or what language would be best to write it
> in,) I would rather see a process and set of tools for testing how well
> a given thing adheres to spec.

I think the reason for Peter's blog was to address our failure to deliver on 
the ease-of-use front.  Servers are a pain to set up, and clients can't 
compete with MSN Messenger.  This has less to do with standards adherance, 
and more to do with making things simple and "slick".  Compliance is 
important, but it was just one of many requirements he listed.


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