[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Dec 1 03:47:42 CST 2004

> Whatever it is not the recommended way. He should use disco for this!

Not really because what he seems to want to do is express his voip presence 
(i.e. if he is in a call or not), not express the capability of being able 
to do voip.

> A simple example:
> A becomes available, B received the <presence/> of A.
> In this case B will do a disco on A. A will inform B that there is
> Gnomemeeting available with disco.
> Now B knows that A offers Gnomemeeting services and can call him with
> message oob or even better with another JEP i don't remember now...
> take a look at the new filetransfer JEP, there it is, session
> initiation or something...

Sure but as he has explained he is not trying to express a capability, he is 
trying to express his voip presence as something different from the main IM 


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