[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

Tijl Houtbeckers thoutbeckers at splendo.com
Wed Dec 1 10:18:01 CST 2004

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 15:58:57 -0000, Richard Dobson <richard at dobson-i.net>  

>>> What I would concider against the spirit of it would be to try to use  
>>> it to publish the voip-uri or your voip presence, rather than as you  
>>> point out use it to advertise the capability.
>> That's what you made of it. Noone (including the starter of this topic)  
>> ever made that a requirment.
> Urm as far as I read it the starter of this topic wants to have a  
> specific functionaility of being able to express voip-presence, not  
> simply the capability.

Capability is disco.. wether it's enabled or not you can express perfectly  
with 115. Exactly as in the orginal proposal of the author. Without pubsub.

> "But if you consider the
> grand scheme of having the voip client able to notify that you're
> already on a call, or in do-not-disturb mode"

He nowhere stated that do-not-disturb could not be expressed using normal  
presence (since this is bundled with the URI in his orginal proposal). In  
fact, he later said something like "away for VoIP does not always mean  
away for IM, but away for IM always means away for VoIP". In his original  
proposal this already worked. You jumped ahead with demanding pubsub and  
disco and who knows what, which I'm glad you dropped now. All you need is  
115 and an IQ request to get the uri (or another mechanism). Though 115  
implies you have matching disco features, thankfully it will still work  
when disco does not.

Like I said, the real question is why 115 uses presence when it could  
pubsub like any other proposal. I'm not opposed to using presence until  
pubsub becomes more mainstream and Disco is more sensible to use (hello  
Avatars), but the exclusivity of 115 is a mystery to me.

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