[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Dec 1 11:06:00 CST 2004

>> Urm as far as I read it the starter of this topic wants to have a 
>> specific functionaility of being able to express voip-presence, not 
>> simply the capability.
> Capability is disco.. wether it's enabled or not you can express perfectly 
> with 115. Exactly as in the orginal proposal of the author. Without 
> pubsub.

??? Not sure I understand what you are talking about here, are you saying 
voip-presence can be done using JEP-115 cleanly and inline with the spirit 
of it?

> He nowhere stated that do-not-disturb could not be expressed using normal 
> presence (since this is bundled with the URI in his orginal proposal). In 
> fact, he later said something like "away for VoIP does not always mean 
> away for IM, but away for IM always means away for VoIP". In his original 
> proposal this already worked.

Urm yes he did, infact he specifically said that the voip-presence cannot be 
guessed from your IM presence, thus the need to have the voip-presence 
separately specified using pubsub, I quote:

"No: when I'm DnD for IM, then certainly I'm DnD for VoIP (also known as
"away"). But when I'm in a voip call, I'm certainly still able to read
IM messages: this is a presence information, and it can't be guessed
from the IM presence."

> You jumped ahead with demanding pubsub and  disco and who knows what, 
> which I'm glad you dropped now.

I havent dropped it you have obviously just misunderstood what I have said 
throughout, I have and always said pubsub was for solving the voip-presence 
(Task 3) problem which is still the only way I can see it being solved 


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