[jdev] special char in password problem

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.net
Thu Dec 2 11:01:27 CST 2004

 From the snippets, I'm assuming you're talking about JSO.

There was a bug recently found, which has been fixed.  You can download 
the latest (0.12.1) from http://jabberstudio.org/projects/jso/releases/.

-  LW

Veronica Chau wrote:
> I have problem when having some special character,
> like a & in a password.  In the client side code, the
> AuthQuery is setup by
>   Method    method = AuthQuery.PLAIN;
>   Map       params = method.setupAuthParams(auth);
>   params.put("password", password);
>   method.setupAuth(auth, params);
> if the password is something like test&, the packet
> sent will have that password as
> <password>test&amp;</password> being sent to the
> server.
> And on the server side, when I try to retrieve the
> password using the method AuthQuery.getPassword(), it
> give me 'test &' instead of 'test&'.
> Does anyone has this problem, or know how to solve
> that?
> Thanks.

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