[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Mon Dec 6 03:11:44 CST 2004

>> <long and quite complete mockup: wonderful!>

You are welcome :)

> I just found some time to study what happens when gaim & gossip do when
> they connect ; how they do auth, get roster, contacts' presence
> information...
> What exactly is the event that starts the request for disco information?
> Is it my new presence that triggers it in my buddies' clients?

Well before we had JEP-0115 clients that supported disco and wanted to
find out what other clients supported would send the disco request to any
people as they become available (i.e. receive an available presence stanza
from them), but this was a bit bandwidth intensive and could cause a bit of
a flood of requests when a user logged on, so JEP-0115 was developed so that
you could help avoid this flood of requests everytime because it would tell
other clients in that first presence stanza they receive from you what your
capabilities are so they dont need to necessarily flood you with disco
requests as you have already told them what you support and can just use 
their cache of the disco requests that link with the caps that you 
published, this avoids them rerequesting disco infos everytime you log in.

> Apart from that question, I quite like the way things happen with that
> proposition... it isn't clear which jabber clients support it, and it
> may require more work, but still: that's worth it!

Yup its pretty simple and entirely follows standard protocols the way they
are intended to be used which is cool.


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