[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

PUYDT Julien julien.puydt at laposte.net
Tue Dec 7 11:43:11 CST 2004

Le mardi 07 décembre 2004 à 09:48 +0000, Richard Dobson a écrit :
> > Now that JEP-0115 is there, a connecting client sends a more complex
> > presence message, where it states its capabilities. And even when the
> > contacts need more information on some piece, the server has a cache
> > that enables it to handle the load more easily.
> No the other clients (so they only ever request info about a particular 
> combination once) store caches of what the capabilities mean (the server 
> does not normally and normally just acts as a simple router) and if they do 
> not have it cached they will send a disco#info request to the client (not 
> server) to find out what a particular cap string means.

If the other clients cache the capabilities... what happens when I
upgrade my gnomemeeting that 'only' does h323 to the upcoming
gnomemeeting that also does sip?

> > * handle disco requests about the voip (say callto and h323 are
> > supported, for example) ;
> Yup, you have two ways of expressing which types of voip you support, either 
> having these as disco features, or as I have previously suggested use 
> feature negotiation, both methods are correct and its up to you which you 
> use (disco features would probably be easier tho).

Disco features would solve my caching question.

> > * recognize oob voip uris and trigger a voip call (receive the h323
> > adress of the im-caller -- which it sends because it knows I can do
> > that) ;
> Yup, I do suggest you use jabber:iq:oob tho and not jabber:x:oob, as using 
> jabber:iq:oob will allow you to detect if the other user has either accepted 
> or rejected the call so you will be able to perform the appropriate actions, 
> e.g. close down the voip client if they rejected the call, without the user 
> having to somehow guess that the other user has rejected the call.

Hmmm... closing the voip client is perhaps not a good idea. Jabber
probably won't be the only way to access someone through voip.

> > Do I get it at least partially correct?
> Yup you seem to have most of the gist of it.

Nice. Now if I could find some time to make it happen...


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