[jdev] Presence packets bottleneck on huge rosters (was: Forcing roster reload on every client!!! Please help)

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Wed Dec 8 03:45:29 CST 2004

Miguel Ferreira wrote:
> Dear all, 
> I've developed a small script called buddymaker to run on the same server as
> my jabberd 1.4.The idea is to check the jabberd spool/hostname directory for
> changes (added or removed users) and then update the roster entries of every
> user making everyone's presence available to everybody else.


This kind of feature implies that every roster will be really huge. 
Suppose you have 1000 users on a server, for each connexion, 1000 
presence packets will be send. And to that the probe answer by online 
contact and you have potentially 1500 presence packets send at a time 
for each new connexion.
When several people connect at the send time this generate a important 
load on the server and can be a bottleneck in huge server in production.

I am thinking on a way to limit the impact of presence packet for huge 
roster. I was wondering if other people were already thinking on this 

Mickaël Rémond

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