[jdev] Re: Presence packets bottleneck on huge rosters

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Thu Dec 9 11:09:37 CST 2004

Bresler, Jonathan wrote:
> Stephen, 
> I don’t mean to antagonize, please forgive if I have gotten under your skin. Its hard to tell via email ;(  Just thinking about these issues in terms of scalability.  I have use IDX-Tsunami (http://tsunami.idealx.org/index.en.html) to put 7000 users on a  Compaq 1850R with 1GB RAM running jabberd- and jadc2s-  Stopped the test at that point as it was 3x my expected user population.  As an aside the same box (dual 550MHz P3 processors) does about 160 SSL'ed messages per second of about 85 bytes each.

Regarding the benchmark, I think the result are not that nice on a real 
world server. The main reason is that the benchmark we prepared together 
was done with nearly empty roster. So we did not test this server with 
the presence on loging load.

On a real server (I have the figure of the Jabber.ru website), the 
biggest roster has more than 900 contacts and 5 percents of users have 
roster with 200 to 400 users.

So I think the load problem on connect with big roster is not only theoric.

Mickaël Rémond

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