[jdev] Transfer File problem

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Dec 9 14:46:53 CST 2004

> Ok, I'm trying to do CONNECT with the same socket and it doesn't work,
> I use sha1(streamid+initiatorid+targetid) as host and the port 0. I
> think the problem is that the host must be an ip number
> and with SHA1 doesn't return the ip number requested (when I
> use "gethostbyname"). Could you tell me what's wrong?

The sha1(streamid+initiatorjid+targetjid) hostname is never used for 
gethostbyname.  You give it to the streamhost (be it the proxy 
streamhost or the other person's machine directly) as the destination 
parameter for the SOCKS5 'CONNECT' command.

Or am I misunderstanding your problem?

Rachel Blackman <rcb at ceruleanstudios.com>
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