[jdev] Gaim and gnomemeeting using jabber

PUYDT Julien julien.puydt at laposte.net
Mon Dec 13 07:04:01 CST 2004

Le lundi 13 décembre 2004 à 13:46 +0100, Ralph Meijer a écrit :
> > The key point is that the 'voipgm2' string doesn't bring any information
> > in itself, other than being something either already met or not.
> And on top of that, the extension name (e.g. 'voipgm2') is dependent on the
> node attribute of the capabilities element. That is, the opaque string
> 'voipgm2' could represent completely different features for different clients
> (exodus, gaim, etc).

Yes, it's only a combination of node and string that is cached. :-)


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