[jdev] Jabber roster question

Keith Willis kwillis at cyberlearninglabs.com
Wed Dec 22 13:15:32 CST 2004


I am using the Joey Jabber server with Jabber-net.

I am having problems with large rosters.  (well over 1000 in the roster)

The problem is this...  When I sign in, The server has to ping all the users
in my roster to let them know my presence.  I then will get a response back
from those that are connected.

Now, in our environment, we could have several users that have over 1000
members in their buddy list (we determine their buddy list/roster based on
the users in their courses)

Is it a jabber standard to not store the presence on the server?  This could
make it so much easier to find the users presence rather than having to send
a message.

For all intents and purposes, only those users that are online should
receive your presence.  But the Joey server is sending out regardless of if
the user is connected or not.



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