[jdev] Is a Director Lingo connection to Jabber.org from the web possible?

Dan Plesse dplesse at optonline.net
Sat Dec 25 18:12:39 CST 2004

Is a Director/Lingo connection to Jabber.org from the web possible and
without sandbox issues? I have been trying a connection using flash/XIFF but

I have been sandboxed. 

My Instant messaging example program is a flash based exe using XMPP/
Jabber, which I would like to port to the web however flash blocks this 

My Example: 
http://www.opticalalert.com/rob.html (right click on flashlite)

If I could get around the sandbox thing I could deliver it for the web.  If
anyone has found a way please just IM via my flash program.

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