[jdev] Public Jabber Server with telnet support

Oleg V. Motienko mmm at ttn.ru
Sun Dec 26 01:46:20 CST 2004

Hello !

Igor Urdenko wrote:

>Hello everybody!
>I want to test some XML packets. Could somebody tell me any public jabber
>server which I can connect to using telnet and work? I tested nureality.ca
>and jabber.org but there no echo if I use telnet program but exodus seems to
>work with both servers quite well.
>Thank you.
>Igor Urdenko
Try another telnet program.
My telnet from FreeBSD 5.3 works well.
Also you can try RAW XML INPUT (feature of several jabber clients).

Regards, Oleg
xmpp: mmm at jabber.ttn.ru

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