[JDEV] Jabber and Flash

Keith Willis kwillis at cyberlearninglabs.com
Mon Feb 2 17:03:15 CST 2004


I have a .NET version of the jabber server (Joey using Jabber-Net).  It
connects to IM programs just fine, but I also would like it to connect to

I am aware of Flash requiring null terminating streams, so I adjusted the
server to send streams null terminated.

This seems to start out fine, I send the initial request from Flash, the
server accepts it and processes it and will send a response to the flash
client.  The flash client then tries to do an authentication request.  At
this point any message coming from flash, the server will drop regardless of
what the message data contains.  I can still connect with my other IM
clients and it works fine.

Has anyone encountered this before?  Even if it is not .NET related, I would
appreciate a response as to how the problem was resolved.  I may be able to
do something similar in the .NET server.



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