[JDEV] Component Requesting All Packets

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Thu Feb 5 10:23:13 CST 2004

Trejkaz Xaoza wrote:
> If you were to do this, I would suggest naming the new package Net::XMPP.
> Then when every server in the whole world is using XMPP we can silently
> dispense with Net::Jabber and the remaining, working library will have the
> appropriate name. :-D

Folks, realize that component protocols are SERVER IMPLEMENTATION SPECIFIC. So
the library should NOT be named Net::XMPP, it should be named something like
Net::jabberd2. Also components built using this protocol will not work other
servers (ie, jabberd 1.4).

At this point, there is no standardized component protocol for server


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