[JDEV] View on using jabber:iq:private and other data storage.

Jesper Krogh jesper at krogh.cc
Sun Feb 8 06:43:09 CST 2004

Hi there. 

Somehow I can se a big advantage of using the 
jabber:iq:private data storage. 

I Programming Jabber, there is a generel example of storing bookmarks in 
on the jabber account. It anyone familiar with application that actually 
does this? 

The first applications that could tage this advantage could be 
jabber-clients, like storing account-specific-though private
informations in jabber:iq:private instead of a file on the users
harddrive. E.g. Private Encryption key ( or only keyid if the server is
not considered secure enough ) 

Webbrowsers could aggre on storing bookmarks and other settings. 

Moreover in lots of applications this could help anyone "taking" it
personal information with them onto a new/public/other computer. 

(Of-course sensitive data should be handled with care ). 

Webshop applications could allready prefill address/name to an order
when a jabber-id is entered.. 

So what's you view on using these facilities for datastorage and are you
familliar with any application that does it now. 

./Jesper Krogh, jesper at krogh.cc
Jabber ID: jesper at jabbernet.dk

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