[JDEV] Ann: Gush 1.0 Released

Dudley Carr dudley at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Feb 8 12:03:26 CST 2004

Bert Radke wrote:

> Hi,
> I hope it is just me and nobody else hat this problem. But the above 
> software praticly disabled my account. I could not recive any 
> messages after installing Gush. Lukily, it was an account where I 
> have acces to the mysql db. (Jabberd2) I figured out that Gush set up 
> some privacy rules wich prevented me from reciving any messages. And 
> this without asking and / or informing about this. So, be carefull 
> with this software.
> Bert

Hi Bert,

Gush's default privacy policy shouldn't ever stop you from receiving *any* 
messages. Please take a look at this FAQ item which will hopefully clarify the 


BTW, if you're using Gush with a Jabber 2 server, it's advised that you use the 
CVS version, since the Jabberd2s1 release had several show stopper problems in 
terms of mod_privacy. The other options is to disable mod_privacy in older 
versions of the server.

Dudley Carr

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