[JDEV] Ann: Gush 1.0 Released

Bert Radke Bert.Radke at web.de
Sun Feb 8 17:35:26 CST 2004

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On Sunday 08 February 2004 19:03, Dudley Carr wrote:
> Gush's default privacy policy shouldn't ever stop you from
Well, it DID for me.
> receiving *any* messages. Please take a look at this FAQ item which
> will hopefully clarify the issue:
I have to admit, that I was rather anoyned, as it took me some time to 
find the the problem. If Gush would have told me (as I would expect 
from any software changing my privacy rules), it would have saved me 
quite some time and trouble. But maybe Gush even tried to inform me. 
I cant tell, since it simply locked up and I had to kill it using the 
Maybe you schould reconsider to clearly inform your users that you are 
changing the privacy rules? Honestly: How many of them will be 
looking at the FAQ?

> http://2entwine.com/faq/#11
> BTW, if you're using Gush with a Jabber 2 server, it's advised that
> you use the CVS version, since the Jabberd2s1 release had several
> show stopper problems in terms of mod_privacy. The other options is
> to disable mod_privacy in older versions of the server.
Since me and my colleagues are using PSI, we have not used the privacy 
rules so far. So I can't comment on this.

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